About us

Il Pioppo is born in Sicily from a strong link to its land and Sicilian culture.


Passion in wine growing and strong experience in the vineyard, combined with a great love for Sicilian land, created a production respecting the oldest island’s tradition and its huge heritage of native grapes varieties.


An absolute respect for nature cycle is the basis of the company philosophy which believes in protecting of the soil and defending biodiversity as necessary conditions to grown high quality grapes. All the grapes are cultivated following the organic farm principles which respect the natural rhythms of the vines cycle, protecting the environment and bringing out the best of the land. This careful work in Vineyard contributes to obtain health and great grapes with a broad spectrum of aromas.

Production reflects the land of its origin and the traditional island’s viticulture: Il Pioppo wines are made with Catarratto and Nero d’Avola grapes, the most traditional among the local ones.

A sip of Il Pioppo is a journey through Sicily, into an unspoiled nature rich in Mediterranean flavors.